GRTMOD 2.0 beta 1 (May 2021) – DOWNLOAD

Thus update provides the first MATLAB free version of GRTMOD. Check the Github page of the project for more detailed information concerning this release.

GRTMOD 1.6.2 (22.10.2018)

This update is strongly recommended for all users and contains improvements to stability and compatibility.

  • This version of GRTMOD fixes a minor issue with the minimisation function that caused the program to crash on some computers.

GRTMOD 1.6.1 (20.04.2018)

This update is strongly recommended for all users and contains several new features as well as improvements to stability and compatibility.

  • Provide two new options: NOFI to fix the total number of moles of oxygen in the bulk (? can be also used) and NCFI to fix the number of moles of C. Note that the old files will still run applying the default values NOFI = ? and NCFI = 0, but it is strongly recommended to update the input files.
  • Residues values my be slightly different because the end-member proportion is calculated with an higher precision.
  • Include a slightly modified minimisation routine that can cause variations in the optimal P-T conditions. These differences  are restricted to models with bad solution only. Remember that GRTMOD is using L0 to find the optimal conditions whereas C0 is the variable displayed. The optimal weighted solution (minimum value of L0) may not be at the unweighted minimum (minimum value of C0). See the example below taken from Lanari & Duesterhoeft, (submitted to JPet) in which the two solutions S1 and S2 have similar L0 values but different C0 values.

GRTMOD 1.5.2 (18.05.2016)

  • This version is compatible with most of the thermodynamic datasets ( & tc55.txt). The garnet solid solution model must be named GARNET

GRTMOD 1.5.1 (27.02.2016)

  • First public version of GRTMOD